Covid-19 Health measures

During the current restrictions we have put the following measures in place to protect our Inspectors, Clients and other members of our community.

  1. If social distancing during an inspection is impractical our inspector will wear a facemask.
  2. Inspectors will sanitise hands prior to and at completion of inspections.
  3. If required our inspectors carry disposaable gloves and will wear them as neccessary.
  4. If our inspector is showing any signs/symptoms related to Covid-19 they will not attend an inspection and we will reschedule.

We believe it is the responsibility of all members of the Adelaide community to undertake what ever protocols the State Government puts in place and we will continue to abide by same.

Stay safe, We are still operating and will Help take the Risk out of buying your new home!

Why is a BLD number important?

In South Australia anyone carrying out building contractor work requires a Building contractors License. Not all Licenses are equal, for example a contractor can hold a BLD number that allows them to only undertake Bricklaying or perhaps Concrete driveways.

When you are looking for someone to undertake a Building inspection it is important to be SURE that they have a Building Contractors License that at least cover Class 1 and 10, which means they are able to build a detached house and associated outbuildings. If you are buy a townhouse or apartment you are looking for Class 2 and 3.

If you are wondering how you find this out you can search a BLD number here.

Sure Inspect are licensed to Build and Supervise the construction of all Classifications of building and have extensive experience in them.

Contact us for more information you can be SURE we have you covered when iit comes to inspecting your property!

Where Is the True Value in a Pre Purchase inspecction?

At Sure Inspect we believe the true value of our inspection is to assist you in negotiating the purchase price of your property. Currently the market uses building inspections predominantly as a final check that the purchaser is not making a mistake and buying a house that has Major issues.

Most purchasers engage their inspector after they have had an offer accepted, in doing this they are in the 48hour cooling off period and have little room left for negotiating further.

We believe when you have found a house that you are wanting to make an offer on is the optimum time to engage our services, our inspection can provide you a tool for bargaining an offer price that reflects the condition of the property. Also allow you the purchaser the opportunity to negotiatethe cost of any repairs that may be neccessary to maintain the property.

Feel freet contact us to discuss further how we can assist you with your property!